About #FreeMoneyDay

A nonprofit initiative of the Post Growth Institute, Free Money Day aims to raise awareness and start conversations about the benefits of economies based on sharing, as well as offer a liberating experience to inspire more critical and creative thinking about our relationships with money and how we can have new types of economic activity.

It’s an opportunity to get money flowing more readily in our society: A chance to inspire greater generosity, rather than shaming people into action. A chance to experience how good it can feel to give, and a moving reminder that we’re all in this together.

Discover the motivations behind Free Money Day, read more about money and some alternatives, and browse photos of previous Free Monday Day events since 2011. 

Participate in Free Money Day 2020 to help show that a more generous world is possible by participating in Free Money Day.

About the Post Growth Institute

The Post Growth Institute (PGI) is an international, not-for-profit organization facilitating the shift to a world where people, companies, and nature thrive together within ecological limits. The world’s first group to integrate macro, micro, and community economy perspectives into a holistic vision for a sustainable future, the PGI strives to reimagine economics: from extractive accumulation to regenerative circulation; reorient organizations: from bloated, profit-maximization to lean, purpose-driven approaches; and reconnect communities: from systemic isolation to strengths-based belonging.

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