A Short Review of Free Money Day 2011

Congratulations and gratitude to everyone who participated in the 2011 Free Money Day! The event was an overwhelming success.  With 63 events in 43 towns and cities, in 18 different countries, there were an estimated 1462 recipients of free money who then passed half...

Sharing $1000 in Sydney

Here are some of the photos from one of our exciting Free Money Day events in Sydney, today. More photos at: flickr.com/freemoneyday/ (video coming soon). The event also made the national media in Australia: http://t.co/UVDKgZIe

Breaking news

56 events, 37 cities, 17 countries! Almost $3000 AUD (equivalent). Sharing is common cents! Handing out 1000 $1 coins in Sydney this morning was the most incredible experience! Pics and videos to come.

Free Money Day on the Horizon

With Free Money Day just around the corner, we thought we’d post a general update to give you all an idea of the bigger picture: So far there are 46 events registered in 30 towns or cities across 15 countries (we’d still love 4 more to make it an even 50!). There’s...