Free Money Day Terms and Conditions
Free Money Day is an initiative of the Post Growth Institute. The Post Growth Institute is an unincorporated association, with members in Australia, Sweden, the United States of America, Greece, Denmark, Algeria and Canada.

Free Money Day is not run for any commercial purpose. Its aim is to raise awareness, stimulate discussion and encourage sharing within communities.



Participation in Free Money Day is a voluntary undertaking for educational purposes. You will be acting independently of the Post Growth Institute and its members, volunteers, agents and partners, none of whom are liable for your actions.

By participating in Free Money Day, you voluntarily and entirely assume the risk of injury to yourself or others and assume all legal liability directly or indirectly related to your Free Money Day activities.

Further, you agree to indemnify the Post Growth Institute, and its members, volunteers, and partners for all liability that may occur in the course of, or arising from, your participation in Free Money Day.

You also agree to obey the law and the directives of any duly-authorized law enforcement officer and any council restrictions upon the use and operation of your installation. You will be liable for any damage or penalty notices resulting from any failure to comply with council and / or any duly-authorized law enforcement officer.



You also agree to be contacted by the organizers regarding details pertaining to your event as well as future, related updates from the Post Growth Institute. Your details will never by shared by the Post Growth Institute with third parties, unless by your approval.

You may unsubscribe at any time from Post Growth Institute updates by emailing with the word ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line whilst using the email address you wish to unsubscribe.


Any film, videotape, recording, photograph or other media material, content and footage submitted or posted by you to us via email, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, or other means is to be the creative property of the ‘Free Money Day’ event and its organizers. Regarding any such material, it will be assumed that the person submitting it has the legal right to share and upload said material – therefore, the onus is the individual submitting the material to ensure they have legal right to do so. The organizers of Free Money Day are free to create any derivative works from any such material, content or footage, and alter, transform or build upon any such work without notice or making any financial or other compensation to the original source. They are also able to remove or decline to use the material, content or footage.

Any publications and releases by the Post Growth Institute in relation to the event Free Money Day that use in any manner or form any such material, content or footage identified in the above are licensed under a Creative Commons license. You are free to quote, copy, and share such publications, so long as you do not use them for commercial purposes and it is in keeping with the broad intentions of Free Money Day.