2019 Free Money Day Events

How It Works

  • Step 1 – SignUp (Click to expand)

    • Check out our reasons for holding Free Money Day (this can also provide you with information to discuss on the day with interested people)

    • Review the detailed instructions and resources for holding your event

    • Register your Free Money Day event (top right of this page)

  • Step 2 – Hold your Event

    • Get some friends together to help you out (the more the better)

    • Create a sign saying ‘Free Money Day!’ – make it big, bold, and eye-catching

    • Give a heads-up to local media and/or bloggers

    • Change your money for coins or notes and put them in a bucket or container

    • Find an appropriate public place

    • Hold up your Free Money Day sign

    • Until you run out, hand out the same kind of coin or note, two at a time, asking recipients to pass one of these on to someone else

    • Feel free to talk with people who are interested in discussing more, and share the website:

    • Take photos and/or film the event (try to get public comments/reactions on camera – you may need people on camera to sign a release form or otherwise indicate that it’s okay to use their image)

  • Step 3 – Promote What Happens

    • Let us know how much money you gave away and what happened – how long did it take before someone asked what it was all about? How were the overall reactions? What did people want to discuss, if anything?

    • Tweet about the event using the hashtag #freemoneyday and link to us at @freemoneyday; post a story to your Facebook profile and ‘tag’ the Free Money Day Facebook page (you must ‘like’ the page first, then use the ‘@’ sign to ‘tag’ from a drop down list); write a blog post.

    • Follow up with media and send through any clippings or links for us to post on our Free Money Day media page.

    • Edit your films, share them with us, and post your photos to the the Free Money Day Flickr account.

Detailed Instructions & Resources

Make sure you have read through the event’s Frequently Asked Questions.

pdf | word document Detailed Instructions
pdf | word document For the general public
pdf | word document Photographic/video consent/release form
pdf | word document Media Release Template